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Certified California Mediator Here To Mediate Your Civil Dispute

Mediation is a viable alternative dispute resolution option for many legal matters. However, finding the right attorney to help facilitate the process isn’t always easy.

My Pledge To You As A Mediator

I am attorney Gregory M. Garrison, and I am a certified California mediator. After serving the San Diego area for almost 30 years, I know that Californians value honest, reliable services.

As a mediator, I will always listen first, and offer solutions second – this is my pledge.

The Importance Of Listening

As a mediator, I believe that listening to the full story from both sides is very important. It allows each to state their side and frustrations.

As a neutral party, I never take sides or impose my opinion about what happened. Instead, I ask clarifying questions from everyone involved and seek as much detail as possible. This is the best way to understand why the dispute occurred, any altering factors and how to facilitate it productively.

Providing Helpful Solutions

Mediation is beneficial because it allows the parties to help find a solution to their dispute. As a mediator, I pledge to help you think creatively and find practical and realistic solutions to your issue.

Learn More About Me

I have an established reputation for litigating and mediating cases of all types. Contact my office to schedule an appointment to learn more about the mediation process and my role as a mediator.

Call 619-798-9501 or reach out online. I offer free initial consultations.