What You Can Expect From Me As Your Mediator

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There are many reasons people seek mediation as the solution to their legal problems. At our firm, your trust is of the utmost importance. As your attorney, Gregory M. Garrison provides you with experience and personalized legal attention. We make a promise to you: We will always listen first, provide solutions second.

After serving the San Diego area for more than 24 years, our firm knows that Californians value honest, complete services. Work with a lawyer who can see you through your problems from start to finish. Work with Gregory M. Garrison, APC. Call 619-798-9501..

Bringing Our Philosophy To Mediation

A mediator’s primary role is to help facilitate communication and proactive and civil resolutions. As a third party, a mediator needs to be neutral and objective, and then help find a fair solution to your problem that takes both parties’ needs into account.

Listening First

As a mediator, we believe that listening to a full story requires letting both sides have their say, completely and without interruption. We do not take sides, and we do not impose our idea of what happened. Instead, we ask clarifying questions and seek as much detail as possible. This means that when we sit down with you, the other party and your attorneys, we are going to seek a complete picture of your situation. This is the best way to understand why the dispute occurs, any altering factors and how to facilitate resolution productively.

Providing Solutions Second

Oftentimes, the best people to solve a legal issue are the ones who are affected by it. We help you use collaborative techniques and other conflict resolution skills to come to a solution.

“I pledge to help you think creatively and find practical and realistic solutions.” – Gregory M. Garrison

Work With Gregory M. Garrison

Attorney Gregory M. Garrison has made a name for himself as a strong litigator — and is likewise ready to serve you as a well-prepared mediator. He is available to help you determine which path to resolution is indicated in your case. If you are ready for a solution and ready to compromise, call us or reach out online. Your first consultation is free.