Why Choose Arbitration?

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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) comes in many forms, with arbitration being a popular option. Arbitration offers unique and legally binding options for businesses and individuals during disputes. It also offers benefits like:

  • Less expensive legal resolutions
  • Structured dispute resolution
  • An objective third-party arbitrator
  • Options for domestic and international arbitration

For more help deciding whether arbitration is the right option for you, call us. Our attorney, Gregory M. Garrison, can walk you through your situation, the benefits of each resolution option and how he can help.

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Arbitration Basics

Much like mediation, arbitration services come in many forms. Whether you need assistance with real estate and business, with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA arbitration) or with a neighborhood dispute, there is an arbitration option for you.

Arbitration relies on a set of structured rules and places the decisive power in an arbiter’s hands. Both parties in a dispute will sit down, present evidence and the arbiter will decide what an appropriate and fair remedy is. The arbiter’s decision is binding and often cannot be appealed.

Certain types of arbitration can also blend with mediation, a slightly more informal process. This is referred to as mediation-arbitration or Med-Arb. Gregory M. Garrison is a skilled and accomplished litigator who also represents clients in arbitration when appropriate. He can assist you when deciding what form of dispute resolution is best for your case, and if it is arbitration, what type is right for you.

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