We Are Trial Attorneys

Less than two percent of all lawsuits filed are tried before a jury. You need an experienced trial lawyer to maximize results. Call us. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer isn’t.

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Trial Counsel For Complex Litigation

We are trial attorneys. We are often hired by other attorneys who want us to try cases for their clients. We pride ourselves on doing the things that others don’t do to prepare for and win jury trials.

And Mediation,Too

As a result of our trial experience, we are often hired by other lawyers to mediate disputes.

Mediation allows the parties to a lawsuit to resolve the case without the expense and uncertainty of trial. The more cases we mediate the more valuable we have come to believe that mediation is for our clients.

And Arbitration

As state and federal courts become more and more crowded, many litigants are turning to binding arbitration to resolve their disputes. In binding arbitration, litigants agree to have an agreed-upon arbitrator resolve their dispute in a private trial. Binding arbitration is quicker and less costly than resolving disputes at trial. Our experience trying complex cases for more than 25 years makes our attorneys an excellent choice as arbitrators.

Homeowners Association Law

One of our attorneys, Retired Superior Court Judge Larry Stirling, co-authored the Davis-Stirling Act. The Davis-Stirling Act is the legislation that governs community associations, often called homeowner’s associations, in California. We are experienced in HOA matters and have tried many HOA cases.

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