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Consider Mediation For Your California Real Estate Dispute

Real estate development, homeownership, housing associations and other property-related issues can become lengthy legal battles. They can lead to huge expenses in both legal fees and delayed construction. Instead of going to court, you have the option to try mediation, an alternative dispute resolution option in lieu of going to court.

Mediation: An Overview

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that allows parties to negotiate an agreement without going to court. Together, with the help of a neutral third-party mediation, parties can sit down and work out an acceptable resolution. Mediation is used frequently to resolve many real estate disputes such as:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Delayed construction and other development issues
  • Sales and leasing issues
  • Housing associations and condo development disputes

Get Help From A Certified Mediator

San Diego attorney Gregory M. Garrison with the firm has extensive experience resolving real estate disputes. He is an experienced trial attorney but also a certified mediator. He can help you find the best solution to your issue.

If you opt to litigate your matter instead, Gregory M. Garrison is very experienced in the courtroom. He will advocate for your interests and protect your rights.

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Real estate issues in Southern California can get complex. If you are engaged in disputes over real estate or real estate development, turn to Gregory M. Garrison for guidance.

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