Considering Mediation For Real Estate Disputes?

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Real estate development, homeownership, housing associations and other property-related issues can become lengthy legal battles. They can lead to huge expenses in both legal fees and delayed construction. Instead of going to court, you have the option to try alternative dispute resolution. If you are seeking resolution for a real estate issue, call Gregory M. Garrison, APC.

Are you ready to manage your real estate issue in a new way? Mediation may be right for you. Our attorney, Gregory M. Garrison, is a results-oriented litigator and a certified litigator. He can assist you in finding an option that will prove effective in your case. Dial 619-798-9501 and speak with our lawyer today.

Types Of Issues Mediation Can Resolve

Mediation is a legal process that sits down all parties in a dispute and resolves the issue using collaborative methods. Parties will come together to find an acceptable resolution and then stand by that resolution either through written or oral agreement. Real estate issues that mediation may resolve include:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Delayed construction and other development issues
  • Sales and leasing issues
  • Issues with housing associations and condo development

Real estate disputes in and around San Diego can be solved without lengthy court proceedings. Alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation and arbitration can save you time, energy and money. Call our office for more information.

Start Your Mediation Arrangements Today

Real estate in Southern California can be a hectic and intense issue. If you have issues about real estate or real estate development, you can find a solution. You can begin your mediation by calling our office or by sending Gregory M. Garrison, APC, an email. We will return your message promptly.