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Consumer Rights’ Class Actions

Class actions are often filed to protect the consumer rights. Anytime a consumer is defrauded and that consumer shares common injuries and damages with other consumers who were also defrauded, the law considers the group to be same making a class action appropriate.

For instance, assume a bank wrongfully charges customers an additional $1 on their bank card without authorization. If the bank does this to 100,000 customers, the bank will wrongfully make $100,000. Each customer is not interested in suing over a dollar. However, if the individual realizes he or she has rights as a consumer and seeks out a lawyer who understands class action litigation, the individual can retain a lawyer to represent him and all the others similarly harmed by the bank’s wrongful conduct.

Typical consumer protection or consumer rights include cases filed in state or federal court for fraudulent fees by banks, flat fees charged by companies that end up not being flat fees, any kind of false or misleading advertising, false advertising, toys that are unsafe and hurt children, unnecessary medical billing or procedures and others. A good rule of thumb is if it feels like you were cheated, call a lawyer. If you think that you may have a situation that could be a consumer class action, call us.

The right to sue does not last indefinitely: Federal and California state law both have a statute of limitations that prevent suits from being brought after a set period of time. In California, class actions must generally be brought within two years, and in Federal court, it can be as short as one year, (though specific cases allow for a longer period of time). If you are sufficiently annoyed to be reading this page, take 15 minutes to call and speak directly with an attorney who has been certified as lead counsel multiple times in multiple State and Federal courts throughout California.

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