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Knowledgeable, Skilled Representation In Construction Disputes

Attorney Gregory M. Garrison has significant experience handling complex litigation matters, including construction defect litigation with homeowner associations.

Every aspect of construction defect litigation in California is controlled by local and national building codes, state case law as well as the California Civil Code. Gregory M. Garrison is familiar with the law and has handled a variety of construction defect cases.

There are things you must do if you have a potential construction defect case.

1. Be Aware Of Time Limits

If you think you have a construction defect problem, act immediately. There is a strict timeframe under California law in which you must file your case. If you fail to file within the “statute of limitations” period, you lose your right to file a claim.

2. Document Everything

If you opt to have the contractor make repairs document everything. Repairs are expensive and contractors are not necessarily motivated to take the full responsibility for their error or repair things properly. Poor construction in one area can produce secondary problems in other areas later on. Documenting a construction defect (videos, photos, expert examination) is relatively inexpensive and vital to the success of your case.

3. Get A Lawyer

Construction defect litigation is complex. Given the amount of money at stake and cost of repair, individuals and companies want to avoid liability in any way possible. When you discover what appears to be a defect, it is important to contact a lawyer right away.

Hiring a skilled attorney with experience in construction defect litigation is essential to a successful resolution of your case. Call us. We can help.

Hire Gregory M. Garrison

Gregory M. Garrison will bring in a team of experienced attorneys and experts to evaluate and document your claim. Mr. Garrison is a seasoned trial attorney and a certified mediator with a track record of getting results. Call us. We can help.

If you have a shared community development or homeowners association dispute involving a potential construction defect, call Gregory M. Garrison, APC, today. Call 619-798-9501 or complete a simple online contact form. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer isn’t.