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Discrimination Claims Against HOA And Condo Boards: Stand Up For Your Rights

There are few things more difficult than disagreements that involve claims of discrimination or disability, especially when the facts get filtered through federal and state regulations such as:

  • The Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA)
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The California Unruh Civil Rights Act (UNRUH)
  • The California Fair Housing Act (CFHA)
  • California Civil Code Section 4760

All of these laws above share a common purpose: the government’s desire to assure reasonable  accommodation and to prevent discrimination against certain groups that federal and state law state need protection.

You Need An Attorney

If you believe that you have been discriminated against, you need an experienced trial lawyer on your side from the start. Why? In the event a settlement or compromise cannot be reached, a skilled litigator familiar with the courtroom increases your chances of success.

An Attorney Familiar With The Courtroom

Attorney Gregory M. Garrison in San Diego has almost 30 years of experience handling hotly contested matters. Mr. Garrison knows which facts are important, which facts are allowed into the courtroom and what a jury or the judge is likely to do.

It’s no surprise he has obtained many outstanding results through the years.

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