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A History Of Results In High-Stakes Litigation

Over the course of almost 30 years in practice, founding attorney Gregory M. Garrison has tried cases in San Diego, throughout California and in other jurisdictions. Mr. Garrison has recovered many multimillion-dollar jury verdicts, settlements and awards when representing plaintiffs and many defense verdicts when representing defendants.

We Listen

Trial lawyers are known for their abilities to speak persuasively. However, we believe that the most important skill a trial lawyer can have is the ability to actively listen to clients, witnesses and judges. We listen and work hard to respond to the question being asked to provide judges and juries with the answers they need to find for our clients.

Our Preparation

Our clients hire us because we are dedicated, experienced and unapologetic trial lawyers. We begin preparing to try a case the day we are retained. As a result of our level of preparation, many of the cases we handle settle on terms that are very favorable to our clients. If a case does not settle, we are unconcerned. Our depth of preparation for trial allows us to present the case in a simple, straightforward fashion that has repeatedly produced excellent results for our clients.

Successful Mediators

Our extensive litigation experience provides us with the tools we need to be effective mediators. Mr. Garrison has successfully mediated HOA, business, real estate and personal injury cases.

Resolution Through Arbitration

As state and federal courts become more and more crowded, many litigants are turning to binding arbitration to resolve disputes. In binding arbitration, litigants agree upon an arbitrator to resolve their dispute in a private trial. Binding arbitration is often quicker and less costly than resolving disputes in Court. Mr. Garrison has almost 30 years of experience handling cases in arbitration.

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