Is Your Business Partnership Changing or in Need of Resolutions?

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At Gregory M. Garrison, APC, we pride ourselves on being experienced, knowledgeable trial attorneys who can provide practical advice on any legal issue. Call us. Consultations are free; choosing the wrong lawyer isn’t.

Business Counsel

Disagreements in a business can be resolved in a variety of ways depending on the situation. A lawyer experienced in business litigation will help you decide whether a trial, mediation, or arbitration is best for your case. A business trial lawyer can speak with the other side objectively about what is reasonable.

Trial lawyers can also advise you regarding whether voluntary dissolution, involuntary dissolution or an appointment of a receiver is necessary to protect your business. Hiring an experienced trial lawyer means that the other side knows you can and will go to court if necessary.

We have been litigating complex cases for over 25 years in state and federal courts throughout California. We know the law and how to present your case. Call us at 619-798-9501 or contact us online.