Mediation Provides an Alternative to Litigation

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After 25 years of litigation and legal experience, attorney Gregory M. Garrison knows the law. And he knows that not every case needs to go to court. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a fantastic option for many organizations and individuals. As a trained mediator, Gregory Garrison can guide you through the mediation process or act as a neutral third party during your disputes.

If you are ready to explore your legal options, call our office. You can get a free consultation at 619-798-9501.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a process that uses a neutral third party to help find creative and personalized solutions to legal disputes. Both parties come together to choose their third-party mediator and appoint a date and time to meet and resolve their issues. Mr. Garrison and Judge Stirling both are hired by litigants to mediate disputes as third-party mediators.

The third-party mediator hears both sides of the dispute, asks questions to determine fact and helps to find a solution that the parties can agree to. If the mediator suggests or facilitates an agreeable solution, the parties can choose to adopt the resolution, either by oral agreement or written agreement.

Mediation can be used in many different ways, including for business and real estate issues.

In addition to keeping more control over your dispute, mediation is often more cost-effective, more efficient and more likely to bring about long-lasting resolutions. If you attempt resolution by mediation and it does not work, litigation may still be an option available to you.

Arbitration is Another Option

For cases requiring a more binding form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), ask about arbitration. Through binding arbitration, parties in a dispute will agree on an arbitrator and resolve their case out of court. This path is faster and less expensive than taking a case to trial. It may be more suitable for a given legal matter than mediation would be.

Seek a Lawyer Who Understands Your Options

San Diego residents rely on our firm. We can help you determine which path to resolution of your dispute makes the most sense, considering all unique factors in your personal, business or real estate case. To reach Gregory M. Garrison, APC, and explore your mediation options, reach out to our office by phone at 619-798-9501 or by sending an email. Our mediation attorney will help you determine your best options.