Choosing Mediation For Your Business

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For many businesses, and especially for small businesses, the cost of a lawsuit and litigation is just too expensive. As a business owner or someone who has a contract or business arrangement, you may be eligible for mediation. This type of resolution can save you money and time, and leave both parties on better terms than before.

For more than a quarter century, our firm has provided San Diego residents with skilled legal advice, including courtroom representation and trained third-party mediator services. Are you looking for a mediator for a business dispute? Call 619-798-9501 for more information and a free consultation.

How Mediation Benefits Businesses

Beware! Business litigation can turn into a lose-lose proposition with even the winner spending more on legal fees than is gained. Mediation on the other hand, may offer a cheaper and more controlled way to resolve your business disputes. Mediation with our lawyers as mediator can provide structure to discussions and binding resolutions for disputes involving:

  • Business-to-business disputes
  • Vendors, contractors and breach of contract
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Issues surrounding noncompete agreements

You can then come to an agreement that is reasonable to both parties, is tailored to your needs and is enforceable if there are further issues. Moreover, if mediation or arbitration does not seem likely to lead to a satisfactory solution, you can still explore litigation, realizing that the court prefers collaborative methods over litigation.

Begin Mediation For Businesses

When you work with our attorney, you have a wealth of legal knowledge and the resources you need to solve your problems. Maintain control and save money by choosing arbitration. We know you are busy. If you are unable to call Gregory M. Garrison, APC, send our office an email and schedule an appointment.