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Real estate is a legal area covering a broad area of law and litigation surrounding land (legally called “real property”). We have tried or settled HOA land disputes, construction defect cases, easement disputes involving neighbors and fee disputes over the sale of real estate as well as other civil matters. We are experienced.

Real estate law can be complicated. Disputes over real estate can involve significant damages and in California can include the request for punitive damages. Using a law firm experienced in the transactional aspects of real estate is not the same as using an experienced trial lawyer who knows real estate law from a litigation perspective. It is one thing to be legally correct and another to prevail in front of a judge or jury.

Carefully evaluate who is going to represent you. Does your lawyer have the ability to speak directly and clearly in both a legal and nonlegal format? Does your lawyer know what evidence can and will be admissible in a courtroom? Can he speak in terms you can understand? We do.

Attorney Gregory M. Garrison is a qualified litigator and mediator who can assess the facts in your case and recommend the best path to fulfillment of any transaction. Preventing litigation down the road is an important part of every successful real estate transaction.

Call 619-798-9501 or complete our online form. Gregory M. Garrison, APC, has a reputation for no nonsense. We get results. Consultations are free. Choosing the wrong lawyer isn’t.