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Throughout California, there are tens of thousands of condominiums and millions of homes that are part of homeowners associations (HOAs). These HOAs control many aspects of the property, such as the duty to maintain common area.

When you buy into a condo or home within an association, you agree to all of the requirements of the covenants and easements on the property and to pay the association dues. These rules can ensure maintenance is properly and consistently done and that the property values are maintained.

Complex Legal Issues

These HOAs are governed by the Davis-Stirling Act, which became law in California in 1986. Since then amendments and court interpretations have modified how the law works and added to the complexity of handling matters of HOA law. At Gregory M. Garrison, APC, our attorneys are adept at dealing with these issues of homeowners association and condo law. We provide a deep understanding of the law because one of our attorneys, Larry Stirling, was co-author of the law that governs HOAs in California — the Davis-Stirling Act.

The Davis-Stirling Act and case law that interpreted it provide precedent regarding how homeowner associations are to conduct meetings and operate the associations. Davis-Stirling Act introduced the concept of mandatory mediation, as well as the idea that in some cases, prevailing parties should be awarded attorney fees and the cost of litigation.

We provide representation for both homeowners and associations, and our decades of experience with HOA litigation and participation in the development of homeowners association laws in California mean our lawyers have the expertise to deal with your issue.

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Whether you need an HOA law attorney in San Diego or have a homeowners association issue anywhere in California, Gregory M. Garrison, APC, can provide experienced counsel and representation. Attorney Gregory M. Garrison can evaluate your case and recommend litigation, mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution, as is appropriate to the facts and your goals. Call 619-798-9501 or complete our online form.

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