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Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Whether you ride a motorcycle regularly or occasionally, it is important to understand the different risks that you face on the road. Every year, many motorcyclists sustain serious injuries and die in devastating crashes. These accidents happen for a myriad of reasons, from negligent drivers to poor weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the chances of you suffering an injury or losing your life in an accident as a motorcyclist are particularly high. It is crucial to go over data on this topic in order to understand the risks that you face and do everything you can to stay safe.

Statistics on motorcyclist fatalities and injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that with respect to vehicle miles traveled, the chances of a motorcyclist dying in a traffic accident were 28 times higher in comparison to a passenger vehicle occupant. When compared to people riding in vehicles, the chances of a motorcyclist becoming injured in a traffic collision were four times higher.

Over the course of 2020, over 5,570 motorcyclists died as a result of traffic accidents.

Preventing motorcycle accidents

The NHTSA goes over strategies to avoid motorcycle collisions. For example, exercise caution and signal properly when switching lanes. Carefully inspect your motorcycle prior to each ride, look out for potholes and make yourself visible to drivers (such as using high beams in the day and reflective materials).

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid an accident, especially if a negligent driver hits you. If a drunk or distracted driver caused you to become seriously injured while riding your motorcycle, hold them answerable.