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How can mediation affect the stress you feel during divorce?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Mediation & Arbitration

As you begin the divorce process, you may wonder what you can do to keep from feeling too stressed during this time of intense change in your life.

Mediation allows both parties involved in a divorce to talk in private sessions, which can help you in multiple ways.

Changes how you communicate

According to Psychology Today, this form of divorce often helps couples who seek to stop fights before they begin. Couples with young children often try this in order to preserve family peace. This means focusing on creating a win-win situation when it comes to decisions about childcare, child custody, asset distribution and spousal support.

Stress can often come from arguments that you feel you cannot win. In a mediated divorce, both parties must feel satisfied with the agreement they make before the process is over.

Changes your goals

While most typical divorces set two parties up to fight, mediation puts an emphasis on cooperation and discussing problems openly. This means your goals as a divorcing couple shift from trying to deal with a litigated divorce in court to trying to collaborate with a third party to guide you.

This can greatly reduce the stress you feel as you go through a regular divorce. Instead of relying on the law or a judge to make the final decision, you and your ex-spouse are in charge of the process.

Changes your reaction

When you no longer have to worry about discussing your case publically in court, you can focus on finding unique solutions to childcare or spousal support problems. Not only can this help you come up with more fitting solutions for you and your children, but it can also help you stress less.