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Rollover crash deaths: 3 facts

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Serious car crashes cause the deaths of people from all walks of life, but few do so with such regularity as rollover accidents. These crashes may occur after an initial impact with an object or another vehicle or because of a loss of driver control. reports that more than 6,000 vehicle occupants died as a result of rollover crashes in 2019, and an examination of other data related to these types of crashes reveals several other surprising facts about what might cause them and their often-deadly results.

1. SUV rollovers eclipse other types of vehicle accidents

The popularity of sports utility vehicles as family transportation may account for the startling percentage of people who die in rollover crashes involving these vehicles. The design and shape of SUVs can increase the risk of a rollover accident, especially during incidents where a driver must make a sudden correction or if another vehicle strikes an SUV in motion.

2. SUV rollover deaths occur with more frequency

Drivers and passengers lose their lives more often in SUV rollovers than in any other type of vehicle. In many cases,  a rollover caused passenger ejection, where blunt force trauma or the vehicle rolling onto them resulted in death.

3. Seatbelt usage lowers the risk of death in rollover crashes

While rollover crashes tend to cause the death of vehicle occupants more often than other crash types, those wearing seatbelts in larger vehicles, such as passenger vans, typically have a higher survival rate. Unrestrained individuals often experienced ejection from the vehicle during a rollover.

Improved safety vehicle measures and practicing safe driving can reduce the risk of rollover crash deaths for both drivers and their passengers.