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3 things to ask an HOA before purchasing a home

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | HOA Disputes

A homeowners association, or HOA, is a group of members that creates and enforces rules in a community. The community can consist of individual houses, townhomes or a condo building. Residents generally pay fees to the HOA, although the amount paid varies based on the community and location. The number of rules and how well the HOA enforces them also depend on the individual community.

Here are three things to ask your potential HOA before purchasing a home in California.

1. What does the HOA provide?

While some HOA fees can be expensive, HOAs may also provide perks such as lawn maintenance and swimming pools. While these amenities can be enticing, consider whether or not those perks are worth it to you and your family when compared with the fees.

2. What rules do I need to follow?

HOA communities may also require residents to follow certain rules. For instance, they may ask that you keep the outside of your house well-maintained. If you think you might have a difficult time following the rules of a particular HOA, reconsider purchasing in that community.

3. How does the HOA board work?

HOA boards, or the group of people who make up the association, generally hold meetings where residents can express concerns and raise issues with certain rules. Ask how often they hold meetings for residents, and if you want to get involved in the board, ask how easy it is for a new resident to do so.

By asking the right questions beforehand, you can help avoid potential conflicts with your new HOA.