Different Types Of Mediation For Different Types Of Problems

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Every problem comes with its own context and details. As a result, your problem may need a unique resolution and unique problem-solving method. There are many types of mediation to suit any need you have. Our firm is equipped to handle mediation in all its forms. We have the tools to bring you through to the other side of your legal issue.

After more than 24 years of working in the law, attorney Gregory M. Garrison is the skilled mediator you need. He will help you find a civil and positive resolution to your legal issue, no matter what type of mediation you need. Call today to schedule your free appointment. Dial 619-798-9501.

Mediation Approaches For Your Varied Legal Disputes

There are a variety of mediation types. To help you determine your legal choice, below are a few types of mediation that may work for you. These types include:

  • Facilitative mediation: This form of mediation uses the mediator solely as a facilitator. The mediator does not ask questions or actively suggest solutions. Instead, they are there to provide a structure to the participants’ own discussion.
  • Evaluative mediation: This form of mediation uses the mediator as a resource in fact-finding and an idea source. This allows the mediator to be a more active resource and participant in your resolution.
  • Transformative mediation: This form of mediation focuses on both resolving the legal issue and resolving existing tensions in relationships. It works on the dispute as well as the emotional and mental states of the parties involved.

Our lawyer is happy to help you explore your options. He has extensive experience in litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Gregory M. Garrison, APC, can help you look at your situation and come together with the other party in your suit to find a solution.

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