What Is Third-Party Mediation?

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Third-party mediation is a process that uses a neutral person or agent — like a lawyer — to help resolve a problem. Mediation focuses on putting control back into the hands of people experiencing a problem, with the underlying premise that those involved in a conflict are best able to reach an effective resolution. Essentially, third-party mediation works on the idea that you should not need to go to court if you can resolve a legal problem without it.

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What Is A Third-Party Mediator And Why Use One?

A third-party mediator is sometimes called a “neutral third party.” Their role in conflict resolution can be very important. This third party provides a negotiation with an unbiased opinion, an additional resource for legal remedies and a person without an interest in the results who can say if the suggested legal remedies will be fair to all involved.

There are many reasons to use a third-party mediator, which include:

  • More efficient and timely conflict resolution
  • Adaptable forms of mediation offer solutions for every case
  • Lower legal fees

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