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Can a dog attack cause vision loss?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Catastrophic Personal Injuries

If you have good vision, you might take your ability to see clearly for granted. Still, as the saying goes, you may not truly miss something until it is gone. Indeed, if you have vision loss, you may struggle with virtually every aspect of your life, from performing your job duties to enjoying your hobbies.

Dog attacks can cause a variety of injuries, including broken bones, deep lacerations and psychological trauma. If a dog bites you on the face or causes you to hit your head, though, you might lose your ability to see. Unfortunately, injury-caused vision loss can be permanent.

Facial injuries

When dogs attack, they often go for a person’s limbs, neck and head. During an attack, you might break the orbital bones that surround your eyes, suffer skin damage to your eyelids or even sustain an injury to one or both of your eyes. Each of these can affect your vision.

Head trauma

It is not uncommon for dogs to knock their victims to the ground during an attack. If you fall backward, you might suffer a traumatic brain injury to the back of your brain. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the occipital lobe at the rear of your brain is responsible for visual acuity. Consequently, an injury to the occipital lobe might make it impossible for you to see.

Vision loss is one of the more catastrophic consequences of some dog attacks. Ultimately, if you have lost your ability to see clearly during a dog attack, you might be eligible for substantial financial compensation.