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What constitutes a serious car accident injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Accident reporting helps officials understand why auto collisions occur and allows them to develop ways to reduce accident rates. This is the purpose of the National Definition For Serious Injuries, which ensures all organizations and entities are using the same definitions when it comes to serious injuries.

While primarily used for reporting purposes, understanding the common definition of serious auto accident injuries can also benefit individuals. You may need to take legal action against the person who was responsible for the accident, and the presence of serious injuries can change the outcome of the case drastically. Here are a few injuries that meet the most recent definition.


Paralysis can result from a major injury to the head or neck. Should spinal cord damage result, a person can lose the function of all or some of their limbs. In addition to the impact it has on one’s quality of life, paralysis can also incur extremely expensive medical bills and reduce wages when a person can no longer work.

Injuries to the skull, chest, or abdomen

Major injuries that affect these areas can often have severe complications. Skull injuries carry serious risks and are typically complex to treat. Injuries to the chest and abdomen can significantly harm underlying organs when they are severe.


While all burn injuries require immediate treatment, some have far more serious effects. This includes second- or third-degree burns that cover at least 10% of the body. In this case, the person will likely need numerous surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation to recover.

Serious lacerations

Lacerations can lead to substantial blood loss, which can be life threatening if help is not available immediately. Additionally, severe laceration may also expose underlying tissues, which increases a person’s risk of developing an infection.

Immediate medical attention is necessary after an accident to assess the severity of any injuries. From there, you can consider your options for recouping damages and ensuring you have the proper financial assistance while you recover.