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Can a head injury change your personality?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Anytime you suffer an injury from an accident, you run the risk of dealing with lingering medical consequences. Any head trauma may cause a substantial change in your lifestyle.

What about a head injury makes it so difficult to predict? The brain is sensitive to any injury, even one that may resolve over time. Even so, the long-term effects may include multiple changes to body systems, including your personality.

What makes a brain injury serious?

The brain runs every other part of the body. When one part of it sustains even minor damage, a corresponding body function may suffer, even temporarily. The ramifications go beyond physical impediments. Damage to the brain’s emotional centers may cause a fundamental change in personality in some situations.

How can a brain injury change personality?

In the unfortunate scenario that you have to deal with a TBI, you may experience a shift in your mood. Where you once felt confident, settled and happy, you may begin to feel restless, anxious and depressed. Mood changes after a TBI are somewhat common, but sometimes, these changes do not resolve. You may find a permanent change in how you feel and act. Other factors include:

  • Social behavioral changes
  • Loss of interest in prior activities
  • Apathy or lack of motivation
  • Repetitive movement

A TBI may affect every aspect of your life, even if your physical movement remains unhindered. With such far-reaching consequences, you may need a change in profession and lifestyle. Get some assistance with recouping compensation from the at-fault party to help offset these changes.