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How can mediation benefit children in a high-conflict divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Mediation & Arbitration

As you go through a divorce, you may worry about the amount of stress your children feel in a high-conflict situation.

Learning more about mediation can help you, since this kind of divorce allows you many benefits that help you stay less stressed and overwhelmed.

Includes a third party

According to Psychology Today, having a neutral third party join you and your ex-spouse for discussions is important to keeping the peace. If you both are constantly fighting in front of your children or talking poorly about one another in front of your children, then this person can help reduce the tension between you two.

Litigated divorces, which typically include more conflict and interaction with the court without a mediator, may leave children feeling continually tired or upset.

Focuses on compromise

While other methods of divorce usually pit both parents against one another, mediation allows you to work together and come to conclusions that you both feel comfortable with. Sitting down and discussing in detail what you both want and what your children need can help you.

This also allows children to relax and adjust to their new life during this process. You and your ex-spouse will likely talk about them changing homes or schools, along with medical information and who gets custody over vacations.

Sets the tone

Children may be going through their own cycle of emotions during this time. Being able to show them how you and your ex-spouse work together in a polite and mature way can help them feel better about the upcoming changes in their life.

This kind of divorce can also help set the tone for co-parenting, which is a collaborative process too.