Real Estate Contracts And Transactions

The law surrounding real estate contracts and transactions can be daunting. In this area of litigation, your lawyer must pay special attention to the three Cs of communication: consistent, clear and concise.

We draft, review and negotiate everything from cable agreements to bank financing for individuals and corporations. We represent homeowner associations, condominium associations, investors and developers at all stages of projects and litigation.

In our experience, in homeowner and condominium association transactions common mistakes include:

(1) Failure abide by the conflict of interest provisions in California Civil Code Section 1365.6, which has been recodified and altered, effective January 1, 2014 as California Civil Code Section 5350

(2) Failure to comply with the document requirements of California Civil Code Section 1368. - 1368.2, recodified effective January 1, 2014 as California Civil Code Section 4525, and other sections (Effective January, 1, 2014, Sections 1368 - 1368.2 have been altered and supplemented by the Davis-Stirling rewrite: consult an attorney to make sure you are properly complying with these new provision).

(3) Creating confusion by trying to combine or use documents from other associations. Each association is different. Each association needs to have documents drafted for its specific needs.

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